On 12 February 80 researchers, clinicians, NGOs and industry partners from the hearing and balance sector came together for the Eisdell Moore Centre’s annual symposium.

The symposium celebrated the third anniversary of the Centre and brought the five members of the EMC’s International Science Advisory Board to Auckland for the meeting.

The day saw excellent plenary lectures from two members of the Science Advisory Board; Professor Louise Hickson from University of Queensland and Professor Stefan Launer from Sonova International.

Professor Hickson’s presentation ‘Hearing Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Practice: Working Together for Greatest Impact’, showed the value of active collaborations with clinicians and clinical centres to ensure research outcomes are effectively translated into clinical practice.

Stefan Launer’s presentation ‘Hearing health in the context of healthy living’, provided valuable insight into where he sees the hearing device sector moving, as the importance of healthy hearing on wellbeing as we age becomes more apparent.

In addition to the plenaries, 28 talks and six posters from EMC members showcased the breadth and depth of research being undertaken by the Centre; from basic science through to applied and translational research.  Many of these studies and collaborations have received funding from the Eisdell Moore Centre through the generous donation made by the Hearing Research Foundation.

Overall it was an excellent symposium that showcased the significant progress the Centre has made over the last three years.  Feedback was very positive, with attendees highlighting how these events provide great opportunities for meeting colleagues working in the field of hearing and balance, learning about the most recent research being undertaken in New Zealand and for valuable discussion and collaboration opportunities.

The international Science Advisory Board was very impressed with the research being done in New Zealand and the opportunity that the EMC provides to facilitate collaborative, multidisciplinary research.