Funding Opportunities

 The Eisdell Moore Centre is launching a new funding strategy for 2022 to 2025 that will deliver our mission that is “Enabling a national, transdisciplinary research effort that will deliver innovative solutions to provide hearing and balance health to all communities in Aotearoa and the wider Pacific region so they can thrive.”

We are focused on supporting the development of transdisciplinary approaches and the co-creation of research; on building collaborations across disciplines and with our Māori, Pacific Island and D/deaf and hard of hearing communities and with patients with balance disorders; on building our Māori and Pacific research capability and on developing our future research leaders.


We will have 2 funding rounds over the next 6 months:

1. Research Fellow Support Grants – deadline for submitting your grant applications is Friday 30 September 2022.

2. Stage I and Stage II Grants – deadline in the first quarter of 2023, date TBC 

Please note, only members of the Eisdell Moore Centre are eligible to apply for this funding.  If you would like to enquire about becoming a member of our Centre, please email us at:

A New Staged Funding Approach

Our new funding strategy will incorporate a staged funding approach and support structures for developing impactful, transdisciplinary research in hearing and balance health. This funding strategy is aimed at delivering our long-term goals that are:

  • Healthy hearing for our tamariki so they can thrive;
  • Hearing and balance health across the life-course to support healthy ageing;
  • Equitable hearing and balance health for Māori communities in Aotearoa to improve intergenerational health and wellbeing;
  • Equitable hearing and balance health for Pacific communities in Aotearoa and accessible hearing health across the Pacific region to support health and wellbeing;
  • New knowledge and innovative and accessible interventions to enable hearing and balance health.

We are committed to supporting emerging and middle career researchers and encourage them to use this opportunity to develop their transdisciplinary research program. We have $260,000 available to distribute in 2022 and early 2023.

Stage 1 Funding for Collaboration, Engagement and Scoping – funding deadline first quarter 2023
$5 – 10k for 1 year.

These grants will provide funding to support the development of cross disciplinary/cross institutional collaborations, community engagement/consultation and developing relationships with Māori, Pacific or D/deaf and hard of hearing communities and with patients with. 

We anticipate the funding could be used for any of the following: travel, meetings, workshops, community engagement, koha, employing a research assistant to do a literature review and support arranging meetings.   

The deliverable for this grant is a research plan that can be assessed for Stage II funding and/or funding applications to other agencies. 

Stage 2 Seed Funding – funding deadline first quarter of 2023
max $60k for up to 2 years.

These grants are aimed at the development/extension of research that the Centre has funded to date. They will cement cross institutional collaborations and they will be used to take a seeded research idea to a point that grant application for external research funding can be developed. These grants may be to, for example, test the feasibility of a research plan, establish methods, or gather pilot data.

Stage 3 Funding – to be offered in later 2023 / early 2024 onwards
max $100k, by invitation for up to 2 years.

These grants will support proven cross-centre research/research platforms that will have significant impact. Further detail about these grants will be provided from 2023 when we start to offer these.

 Research Fellow Support Grants – deadline 30 September 2022
Up to 0.4FTE for 1 year 

We are working behind the scenes on some exciting funding opportunities for our EMCR’s (and our research overall), but while those are being finalised, we want to ensure that our people are supported and researcher capability in the Centre is maintained. This year we are offering these grants to our EMCR’s to support them to develop their research programme and obtain more secure funding.
These grants do not need to be tied to a specific research project, but they do need to be output focussed. We are offering our EMCR’s the opportunity to utilise funding for up to 0.4FTE for 1 year to generate one or more
outputs as follows:
• Finalise research currently underway/bring research threads together.
• Write and publish papers
• Develop their engagement Pacific communities.
• Develop Responsiveness to Māori in their research.
• Engage with Industry/Tech/Clinical partners

The researcher must clearly articulate how this funding will be utilised, the outputs they will produce/relationships they will develop during the 1-year period; how these will make them more competitive for external funding or applications for positions. The researchers must provide a timeline/Gantt chart of their workstreams. They will need to share detail on their current situation, including how their FTE is covered for 2023, and how the EMC may be able to help in addition to the grant funding.

Support Research Development and Grant Proposals

Join us for series of online seminars through August and September that will support you to develop your research proposals. These seminars will:
• Introduce our new strategy and provide detail about what we are expecting from the funding applications.
• We will present big picture research aspirations of the Centre and opportunities to develop bold, aspirational research projects that bring our members together with community partners to develop research.
• Networking/break out rooms for groups to discuss possible avenues of research and where ideas can be seeded.
• Support the development of Vision Mātauranga/Responsiveness to Māori in your research.

Seminars are scheduled for the following Thursdays – more detailed agendas will be distributed prior to each seminar:
18 August, 4 – 5:30pm
1 September, 4 – 5:30pm
15 September, 4 – 5:30pm

We will develop additional research support initiatives for 2023 and beyond with input from YOU. These are aimed at supporting researchers to achieve their objectives and deliverables in all our different grant offerings.

Travel/Mobility Grants:

We are very pleased to announce that we are putting out a call for travel grant applications for travel commencing after 1 January 2023.

These grant are for domestic and international travel to attend conferences and to support development of research by facilitating in person meetings, workshops etc. The application form is available to download below and provides further details around conditions for travel and eligibility.  

Deadline for submission is 5pm Thursday 6 October 2022.  Please send to Outcomes will be confirmed in late November.

Grant Deadlines


Grant Type

Closing Date

Travel/Mobility Grants 

6 October 2022 

Research Fellow Support Grants

30 September 2022

Stage 1, Stage 2 Grants  First Quarter of 2023