Pacific Advisory Board

Associate Professor Vili Nosa (Chair)

University of Auckland 

Associate Professor Nosa has a Bachelor of Arts in Education & Sociology, Master of Arts (Hons) in Sociology and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Behavioural Science. His scholarly interests are in Pacific health issues in New Zealand and the Pacific region, with specialist areas of research in addiction such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and substance abuse research.

Dr Maryann Heather

Southseas Healthcare

Dr Heather is a General Practitioner working at Southseas Healthcare, Otara, Auckland. Dr Heather is also an emerging Pacific Health researcher and Senior Lecturer in Pacific Health at the School of Population Health University of Auckland and a GP teacher and student supervisor in Pacific Health and General Practice.  Dr Heather brings expertise in Primary Care, Pacific Health as well as an interest in eliminating Health Inequalities and advocating for Health Equity in Pacific People.

Dr Belin Kafoa

The Pacific Community (SPC)

Dr Kafoa is currently Director of the Public Health Division (PHD) at the Pacific Community (SPC) and was Team Leader of the Clinical Services Program at PHD since 2016. For 20 years, he has worked with Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), development partners and stakeholders to deliver health and clinical programs throughout the region, and has served on various regional and national advisory committees.

Dr Sepiuta Lopati

Ministry of Health, Tonga

Dr Lopati is an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon in Tonga.  She has recently completed a Master of Surgery with the University of Melbourne on ear disease and hearing loss among primary school children in Tonga.  Dr Lopati’s work aims to be a catalyst for a national hearing screening program for primary school children in Tonga, to inform training for ENT doctors, nurses and audiologists and to establish the first audiology unit in Tonga.

Dr Ravi Reddy

Massey University

Ravi Reddy is of Fijian-Indian ethnicity who moved to New Zealand in 2007. He is a Senior Lecturer in Occupational Health and Safety at Massey University and his research interests include Pasifika hearing-health, worker wellbeing and health promotion.