CMV Specialty Clinic at the Hearing House – a Pilot Programme

A/P Holly Teagle (The Hearing House and The University of Auckland)

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a commonly occurring virus that, if contracted by pregnant women, carries substantial risks and implications for hearing health as well as a host of other aspects childhood development like physical and cognitive development. This webinar offers a detailed description and evaluation of an initiative currently underway at The Hearing House that is aimed at drawing together clinicians from across disciplines so that they can provide a more coherent and easily accessible journey for patients and families affected by CMV, share knowledge about resources, and provide a platform for addressing clinical research questions.

Email A/P Teagle here if you have any questions or comments about these presentations.

The Vestibular System and Cognitive Function

Prof. Paul Smith (University of Otago)

Our sense of place and our ability to navigate within our environment are fundamental to our existence.  Prof Smith and colleagues have shown that interactions between the vestibular organs of the ear and the hippocampus, the memory centre in the brain, are vital for these senses.  This two-part webinar will provide a wide-ranging overview of anatomical, physiological and behavioural evidence for the relationship between hippocampal function and vestibular sensation and a fascinating insight into the complex and rich vestibular-hippocampal interactions and their relevance for development of spatial memory.  In addition, the talks have translational relevance with respect to understanding the possible impairments that patients with vestibular impairment may experience, and the scope for compensation following vestibular lesions.

Email Prof. Smith here if you have any questions or comments about these presentations.

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