The Eisdell Moore Centre was launched on 7 February 2017 with supporters of Hearing Research over many years in attendance.  Named after Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore, an eminent Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon and a pioneer of hearing and deafness research in New Zealand, the Centre brings together researchers, clinicians and the community to address hearing and balance disorders in New Zealand and the Pacific.

At the launch, new Centre Director, Professor Peter Thorne welcomed the Moore family, including Lady Beth Moore, their four sons and extended family.  Researchers, clinicians and community groups from around the country also attended. 

The gathering was also addressed by the Honourable Justice Simon Moore, the president of the Hearing (previously Deafness) Research Foundation.  He welcomed the Trustees of the Hearing Research Foundation who had committed to the formation of the centre and had made a substantial donation to establish it and support the research.