Hearing Health Maps Aotearoa

The interactive map show a range of hearing health outcomes. These include rates of Before School Check (B4SC) hearing check coverage and passes, pneumococcal vaccination in children under 5 years of age, ACC claims for tympanic membrane perforation and noise induced hearing loss. These can be viewed on maps of District Health Boards or General Electoral Districts, grouped various demographic characteristics (age, sex, ethnicity).

The interactive maps also shows the number of residents projected to experience mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss from 2013 to 2043. Projection data can be viewed maps of District Health Boards, General Electoral Districts and suburbs, but sex, age group and ethnicity.

Users are able to zoom into areas of interest, explore different health outcomes, filter by District Health board or watch the change in outcome prevalence over time.

This interface includes a map, a histogram, a line plot and tables. Users can explore the hearing health outcomes at the District Health Board, General Electoral District or Suburb level. General Electoral District and Suburb level maps can also be filtered by District Health Boards.

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