Strategic Goals


Draw on centre strengths and national and international collaborations to study and understand the causes, mechanisms and consequences of hearing and balance disorders


  • Translate basic research findings into therapies
  • Investigate therapies to reduce effects of auditory processing disorders
  • Expand and develop trials to enhance brain plasticity for treatment of tinnitus, auditory processing and vestibular disorders


New Technology

  • Work with industry partners to develop and enhance technologies to prevent and manage hearing and vestibular disorders.
  • Investigate development of affordable and appropriate hearing devices and clinical diagnostic tools for developing countries, particularly Pacific Island nations.



  • With community and industry partnerships develop, trial and evaluate health promotion programmes to increase awareness and prevention of hearing and balance disorders.
  • In partnership with community investigate importance of the Soundscape on health, promote good acoustics and reduced noise environments.


  • Contribute to high quality education of Clinical Audiologists and Speech Language Therapists to ensure hearing health professions that deliver evidence-based practice.
  • Training of the next generation of hearing and balance researchers through summer studentships and postgraduate research training.



  • Utilise the expertise and resources within the centre to support the development of sustainable hearing services in the Pacific region.
  • Work with international organisations to promote global hearing and balance health.



  • Work with community organisations to inform and educate the public about hearing and balance disorders, their prevention and contribute to policy.
  • Engage and involve communities in our research and education.