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Looking for answers in the Pacific

Elizabeth Holt knows Pacific people are facing problems accessing hearing health care, and the Eisdell Moore Centre’s Pacific Research Co-ordinator is looking for answers.She knows Pacific children in New Zealand are over-represented in otitis media...


Supporting Ear and Hearing services in the Pacific Region

Clockwise from left: Public Health Course for Hearing Impairment participants; Dr Silina Motofaga from the Pacific Community at the Pacific Regional meeting; Public Health Course participants hard at work at the Tāmaki Innovation Campus; Participants of...


Māori hearing health care – driving the passion

Māori have the highest rate of self-reported disabling hearing loss in New Zealand and Alehandrea (Aleh) Manuel is leading research into how sufferers are accessing services to do something about it. The work is part of both an Eisdell Moore Centre (EMC) programme...


A Question of Balance

Dr Rachael Taylor wants to understand why we can suffer dizziness and balance problems after a mild head injury – when all the tests say there’s nothing wrong.It’s what she calls a “massive jigsaw puzzle” and a project she hopes will lead to better assessments, and...


EMC Summer Newsletter 2018

The Eisdell Moore Centre has had a successful and busy year with a number of highlights for the second half of the year including distribution of our second round of funding, appointing a Science Advisory Board and appointing our Pacific Hearing Research Community...


2018 EMC Project Grant Awards

The Eisdell Moore Centre has allocated $326,000 to 10 Explorer/Project Grants and 2 PhD student Grants in 2018.  These grants range from exploring geographic variations of hearing health across to New Zealand to understanding the brain activity that underlies...

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